Wednesday, March 22, 2017


So, I'm rolling through Arkansas between Little Rock and Memphis on I-40 eastbound. The cruise control on the Zed Drei is set at 80, a speed that has me passing probably nine vehicles in ten, leaving that tenth vehicle to get pulled over for driving too fast.

I'm passing a couple clumps of vehicles in the right lane and I see another ahead that's far enough that I could probably duck into the right lane for a little bit, but a check of the rear-view mirror shows nobody closing on me. So I stay in the left lane as I slowly overtake the pair; a little Korean hatchback bobbing in the wake of an eighteen wheeler.

As I slowly close the gap, the hatchback decides he's seen enough of this particular truck's ass, and signals left. I'm far enough back, and my rate of overtaking is low enough, that I just turn off the cruise control and pop the high beams twice, indicating that it's cool for him to cut over in front of me.

Suddenly his turn signal cuts off and he lunges back into the right-hand lane. Had he not seen me initially?

I pop the high beams three or four more times, as if to say "No, seriously, it's cool. Come over..." when I glance across the median and see the reason for his abortive pass: Three Arkansas staties have someone pulled over and a fourth is rolling up on the scene. And here I have been frantically flashing my high beams like a prat for something completely unrelated to the presence of the po-po, who all now no doubt think I'm That Driver.

Not gonna lie, I pulled my wallet out and set it on the console, and I was nearly to the outskirts of West Memphis before I stopped expecting a pissed-off ASP Charger to come barrelling up my tailpipe, lights ablaze.

"You're totally not going to believe this, officer, but..."

Still not killed in the streets.

Tuesday morning I was back at it with the Wilson at Indy Arms Co. Because I dropped a couple shots at the 15 yard line at the match, it was time to do more shooting at fifteen yards.

I promptly dropped a couple shots at the fifteen yard line, here, too. Incidentally, the shooting at the 3x5 at five yards and the eight-inch circle at fifteen were both at approximately the same speed. The target says I could have been going a little faster at five, but was going about as fast as I could at fifteen...

There were no malfunctions of any type to report.

This makes 300 rounds fired since the pistol was last cleaned or lubed, with one FTE not charged to the gun at round #29. 1,700 rounds to go.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The most Australian thing ever...

This dude makes Jackass look like the Teletubbies.

Also: Australian taxpayers saved this man's arm. If that's not an argument against socialized medicine, I don't know what is.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Arrived safely...

That's a piece of a drive.

Last time I drove through Little Rock (on my way to Texas) I detoured via Louisville/Nashville/Memphis, which adds a good hour to the drive. Now, six years later, Illinois will let me CCW through their long as I don't get out of the vehicle with my gat.

So I topped up the tank in Terra Haute on the way down and Charleston, MO on the way back, and set the cruise control at only two or three over while in the Land of Lincoln, so as to avoid any imperial entanglements.

Homeward Bound...

Heading back to Indy after an action-packed weekend.

Oh, and this is a thing that happened.Don't know how I placed overall yet, but apparently way better than I thought I would.

Sunday, March 19, 2017


Weekend stuff...

 Parking on the DARC campus Friday morning...

 This is not the typical outdoor range...

One of many training blocks available: "Pocket Poppers" class for techniques specific to snubbies & pocket .380s, deployed from a pocket or ankle holster, from Chuck Haggard at Agile/Training & Consulting.

Friday, March 17, 2017

That was weird...

Rolling down the interstate at eighty, the half-dead audio system in the Zed Drei was fighting with the wind noise in the top to be heard.

I had no idea what the local stations were, and hit something via "scan". I didn't have it turned up loud, so hearing any real detail in the music was out of the question. I could basically make out the rhythm track and the occasional guitar chord. Vocals? The DJ between songs? Drowned out by wind noise and static.

At first, I thought it was a "classic rock" channel. I was pretty sure that was a Def Leppard song, and that was Whitesnake, and that was maybe the Eagles? But that seemed kinda like Toto, circa IV...and that sure seemed like Katy Perry...

Then I got deeper into broadcast range for the station, the signal got stronger and the static went away and I turned the volume up a little...I'd been listening to a "country" station. Huh.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Going faster...

Back to the range with the Wilson yesterday morning. I fired a magazine at the top left 2" circle at five yards, then ran the target out to seven yards and shot the remainder of the first box at the 3x5 card. Since there was nobody else on the pistol lanes, I decided to use the remaining box to go ahead and flout the speed limit a little.

Now, bear in mind that I am slow as molasses and a .30 split on an 8" circle at 21 feet is blazing fast for me. And that one was a hit, as were a couple .31's...

So, about five of those are legit misses on the 8" circle, which shows that I was indeed pushing my speed. And that pushing my speed is still pretty darn slow.

But, hey, I'm not going to get faster unless I try to get faster. I don't mind those misses on the 8" circle at all. (But those two dropped shots on the 3x5? Those chap my ass.)

There were no malfunctions of any kind to report.

This makes 200 rounds fired since the pistol was last cleaned or lubed, with one FTE not charged to the gun at round #29. 1,800 rounds to go.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Overheard in the Office...

Me: "You know, the TV news is more interesting when your brain fills in the half-heard syllables from a couple rooms away. I'm pretty certain Matt Lauer didn't just say 'Frank Lloyd Wright, twelve gauge assassin. Ai yi yi yi yi! Mexico.'"

Next Test

So, I hadn't actually done a 2,000 round test on the Wilson Combat Tactical Carry Professional. The gun came as a review gun for a magazine article, and while I document the shooting of those for the purposes of the article, I don't make the sort of day-by-day updates on the blog that accompany a 2k round test. I put 1,700 rounds through it before sending it off to the magazine for glamor shots for the article, where it was obviously cleaned.

It came back, I sent Wilson a check, and have since put another 25 rounds through it in the service of some chrono and accuracy testing for an ammo company. I gave the gun an extra good glorping of Lucas Oil on the rails, barrel hood, and muzzle end, and let's go 'head and put a couple cases of ammo through it for the amusement of the internet, hey?

Dat Winchester QC, doe. Soot along case is from the round not having enough pressure to properly obturate.
MALFUNCTION! Only not the gun. Round #29 went *pop* instead of *BANG!*. The slide didn't fully cycle, and had to manually eject the spent case. With the slide locked to the rear, I shone my flashlight into the muzzle end, worried that the bullet might still be in the barrel. Fortunately I could see light through the ejection port; the projectile had had enough steam to exit the bore.

Several people had mentioned experiencing a downturn in QC with Winchester ammo. This is the fourth 500-round case of Winchester Q4318 ("NATO 124gr +P FMJ") and I hadn't had any problems up to this point...

Sigh. Both Remington and Winchester have seen their ammo QC go in the toilet recently. Hornady and Federal/Speer/CCI still remain my go-to choices. Sig's new ammo line appears righteous thus far, as well.

The gun is just stupid easy to shoot. The rounds in the 8" circle were fired at about a .55-.66 second split pace, and it seemed pretty languid. I imagine this would be a great gun on which to learn to shoot fast. An all-steel 9mm 1911 is like shooting on Easy Mode.

This makes 100 rounds fired with one FTE not charged to the gun at round #29. 1,900 rounds to go.



Thank heavens that spring is just around the corner. I didn't clear space for the Happy Lamp on my desk this year and, in retrospect, the SADs just kicked my ass.

The Friday before our impromptu Louisville excursion, I was still dealing with a swollen lymph node and slightly achy joints and decided to skip the morning walk because it was frigid out and I didn't want to wind up relapsing and ruining the weekend's fun.

When I got back to Indiana, I spent my mornings in bed stewing in lethargy and self-loathing, and then the DST time change facilitated staying up past midnight and sleeping late. The sudden return of winter has kept my shooting confined to the indoor range and scotched at least two planned outdoor range trips.

I'm definitely ready for some sunshine and vigorous movement.