Monday, December 05, 2016


I'm using you for accountability.

Day Thirty-Five:

Woke up very sore. Probably would have completely malingered if it weren't for the fact that I have to post my morning proof-of-undeath photo.

1.01 miles in 17:22 at an average heart rate of 129bpm.

Oh, hooray!

Bobbi has full lyrics for "I Want An Australopithecus For Christmas" up!

Here's help for singing along...

Sunday, December 04, 2016

Overheard in the Office...

Deuce Deuce

Dropped in at Indy Arms Saturday about lunchtime to pop off some more .22LR Remington Golden Bullets through the Ruger Mk.IV.

It was as boringly reliable as you'd expect a rimfire Ruger autoloader to be. This is probably the most popular and successful line of .22 self-loaders, and for good reason.

This example had screws that wanted to back out securing the front and rear sights. We Loctited the front one at Blogorado and it held. I tightened the rear set screw yesterday before heading to the range, but by the time I'd fired off a hundred rounds of ammunition, the rear sight assembly was drifting in its channel again and could be slid back to center with thumb and forefinger alone. Time for Loctite there, too.

This makes 900 total rounds through the gun with one failure to eject (#714).

Saturday, December 03, 2016

Strange Equivalencies...

Rimfire Relaxation...

The Ruger Mark IV test gun had languished, unloved, for pretty much the whole of November, and so yesterday I took it to Indy Arms Company with the intention of putting a reasonably significant number of rounds through the gun.

The .22LR ammo can is mostly full of Remington Golden Bullets from one of those "Bucket o' Bullets" bulk pack affairs. I determined to put 200 through the gun to get the barrel warm enough to see if the Loctite on the retaining screw for the front sight was holding.

During the range session, I had one failure to eject on round #114 of the day (#714 through the gun). This was the first malfunction that the gun has experienced. I also noticed that one of the magazines had fuzzed up with a bit of surface rust.

Frankly, I was surprised that 200 rounds of bulk Remington Golden Bullets went through the gun with only the one malf. The stuff does not have the quality control of yore and is generally looked down on these days.

The Loctite on the front sight held fine. Two hundred rounds with no loosening of the screw. Howver the rear sight assembly kept drifting left and had to be manually shoved over in its dovetail with my thumb three times over the course of the range session. I need to tighten and Loctite the set screw on the rear sight as well.

I don't get it.

I've probably mentioned this before, but here's a puzzler:

It's a cardinal sin in the progressive weltanschauung to deny someone the validity of their own narrative.

Unless their narrative is "I'm doing this for Islam and the caliph!"

You are what you identify as, unless what you identify as is a jihadi, in which case you are troubled and misled and it's probably backlash and Western imperialist society's fault somehow.

Day Thirty-Three

Woke up with the alarm at 0600.

Malingered in bed 'til 0800 because Saturday.

Wore the backpack with the 10 pound weight as penance.

Bobbi pulled on some sweat pants under her housecoat and a coat & hat over it and accompanied me for the first two laps. That was enjoyable, having someone to chat with.

1.02 miles in 18:31 at an average heart rate of 128bpm.

Friday, December 02, 2016

Sight Insights

Commenting on Facebook the other day, I mentioned the totally impractical fixation I had on the idea of the Glock 35 with a .357SIG conversion barrel. My head knows that my chrono testing showed that most carry loads only picked up about a fifty foot-per-second velocity boost over the compact Glock 32. My head also know that there's very little that .357SIG offers over good Gold Dot or HST 9mm ammo other than reduced magazine capacity. The heart, however, wants what it wants.

Chuck Haggard is one of the most clueful folks I know, and so when he remarked that a friend of his had reported finding serious point-of-aim/point-of-impact differences with the factory sights when he'd dropped a .357SIG barrel into a G35, I figured I'd better check for myself on my gun.

I bought a box of Sig Sauer Elite Performance 125gr FMJ and fired off a few rounds at 5, 7, 10, and 15 yards, holding the center of the dot on the Ameriglo I-Dot Pro so it covered the bullseye at each distance. POA/POI seems fine with these sights, at least out to fifteen. I'll make a followup trip and use the other bay to bench it at 20 and 25. (IAC's pistol range is 50 feet and the rifle range is 75 feet.)

With the NAA Mini, it was time to try something spicier than the CCI Standard Velocity fodder. CCI Mini-Mag 34gr hollow points and Winchester Super-X Hyper-Velocity 40gr hollow points were ordered from Lucky Gunner.

My initial attempts were foiled by the fact that the schmutz on the laser lens was diffusing the beam enough that it was impossible to see on the target only nine feet away. I fired two cylinders each of the CCI and the Winchester trying to use the iron sights. Not only do the sights seem to be off, but they're hard to pick up since the rear sight is notional at best and the size and shape of the gun makes consistency in grip and trigger press very problematical.

I went and borrowed some paper towels and twisted one into a fine point, squirted it with Windex, and used it to clean the emitter lens more thoroughly.

Having cleaned the lens, I fired one more group each of the CCI and the Winchester, now using the laser to aim. These were fired one-handed, bringing the gun up to roughly eye-level, cocking it on the way, and firing as soon as I saw the dot in the desired spot. The top and bottom five shot groups with the laser are circled.

I don't think it's a stretch to say that the Laserlyte grip makes a big difference in shootability.

More shooting to follow.

Day Thirty-Two:

Woke up with the alarm at 0600. Back sore, but not as sore as sometimes. Washed a couple aspirin down with a Spicy Hot V8 and dragged the trash can and nine bags of leaves to the curb, then set off for my three laps.

Saw a new pedestrian, about a head shorter than me, blonde, alternating jogging and walking southbound with what looked to be an Australian shepherd mix.

Since I've only encountered her the once, she gets tentatively filed with the Pack of Speedwalking Ladies as "irregular", as opposed to regulars like Quiet Guy with Big Silent Snuffling Floofy Black Dog Off-Leash, Very Nice Obviously Gay Guy with Brace of Silky Terriers, or Dude With Glasses Getting Towed by Two Big Lunging Barky-Dogs.

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Yesterday at the range...

I took the Robar G17 to Indy Arms Company yesterday, along with the Glock 37, which I hadn't fired in a while.

The G17 has crossed the 3,000 round mark here, recently (3,091 to be specific), much of which has been with the Overwatch Precision TAC trigger and the last 500 rounds were using the ETS magazines. I'm about at the point where I'm comfortable with both the trigger and the mags now.

Both guns have Ameriglo CAP sights on them. I need to drift the 17's rear sight slightly to the right; it's visibly off-center.

The Glock 37 and I get along amazingly well. The logbook says that yesterday marks 2230 rounds through the gun. I love shooting the thing and it obviously likes me, too. If I had a holster for it, I'd likely put a Gadget on it and carry the thing, RCS Freya magwell and all.

Day Thirty-One:

Woke up ten minutes before the alarm. Instead of getting up like I should have, I lay awake in bed long enough to turn all the alarms off, and then promptly fell asleep for another forty-five minutes.

After this spectacular display of malingering, I got dressed and headed out the door, intending to take a casual amble around the block because I was sore. 37°F and a steady 20mph wind out of Minnesota had other plans.

1.01 miles in 17:06 at an average heart rate of 128bpm.

Hey, look!

I got a piece up over at NRA Family. Go check it out!

From Facebook discussion on the topic:
"If someone is walking directly towards me, it's important for me to realize that "Hey, can I get you to hold it right there?" at a reasonable distance is not being "rude" or "not nice", and that if they do not comply with this request to set a boundary, that fact is in itself telling me something about them."

Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Got an email from someone with the skinny on the NYPD Glock situation.

No, they are not doing anything so baller as issuing a special run of factory Glock "19L" guns (jargon for a 17 with the grip chopped to take 19 mags) but rather they're getting Glock to make a batch of Glock 17 mags blocked to only hold 15 rounds.

Oh, well, when something seems too cool to be true, it probably is.

More testing...

To Indy Arms Co. again yesterday morning with the Laserlyte-equipped NAA Mini and the ETS Glock magazines.

The ETS magazines continue to function without any problems.

Twenty rounds of CCI Standard Velocity .22LR were fired strong-hand-only through the NAA Mini by bringing the gun up one-handed to roughly eye-level, thumb-cocking on the way up, and firing as soon as the dot was visible in the upper A-zone.

The dot got harder to pick up on the last couple cylinders, and that last shot, a miss high and left and labeled "WTF", was just point-shooting blindly when I couldn't find the dot fast enough. Maybe a better shooter than me could point-shoot this gun better at nine feet.

The problem seems to stem from schmutz on the laser's lens. Firing unplated, outside-lubricated .22LR ammo through a revolver tends to deposit a fine coating of lead, lube, and powder residue all over everything near the barrel-cylinder gap. The thing with the NAA Mini is that the whole gun is near the barrel-cylinder gap, including the emitter on the Laserlyte Grip Laser.

Of course, this residue is from fifty whole rounds; an amount of ammo that might apply on the range, but not in any conceivable use of the gun. I'm going to wipe it down, clean the lens, and order some plated bullet ammo from Lucky Gunner. Then we'll do some chrono testing and maybe shoot some jello!

Tab Clearing...

  • I keep telling you, Trump is not the death of democracy, he's its apotheosis. For all the other celebrities out there who are planning a social media run for the brass ring in four years, I'll throw this slogan out there for free: "_____ has a 2020 Vision for America!" President Kanye or Baldwin will be entertaining, I'm sure.

  • Some web research recently led me to this piece on The Onion Field Incident. (I knew two police officers who called the NAA Mini revolvers they kept secreted on their persons "Onion Field guns". How realistic that is, I can't say, but I reckon it beats harsh language.)

  • "Sweet Home Alabama" doesn't play well in Brooklyn.

The end of the beginning...

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Need someone familiar with NYPD to email me...

"But the NYPD had the manufacturer customize the Glock 17s to carry only 15 rounds so it would be consistent with the interchangeable Glock 19 magazine."
Dude, a department-issue G19L would be the heat. People pay big money for Robar or Boresight Solutions to chop their 17s to take 19 mags.

"Senseless" Gun Violence?

Testing, Part 1...

So, I got an email recently from Laserlyte telling me that they were big fans of my blog and would I like to receive...absolutely free! NAA Mini Revolver and their grip-activated laser to test?

A digression: These are grips with a laser, not Lasergrips™ because Crimson Trace makes Lasergrips™ and, up until early 2014, Crimson Trace had the patent on grip-activated lasers. But, just like Colt and others were champing at the bit waiting for S&W's patent on the bored-through revolver cylinder to expire in 1869, other companies had designs ready and waiting to hit the marketplace on the CTC patent's expiration.

Well, they said they're big fans of my blog, so I suppose they read it. Okay, here goes...

The box arrived. Understand that I had the choice of black, white pearl, teal, or pink. I went with teal so as to get into the spirit of this, but I wasn't willing to go all the way to pink. I'll do a lot for you readers, but I have my limits.

Yes, that's Indy Arms Co product placement you see. Thanks for handling the transfer, guys! Clean, well-lit range for indoor shooting on the near north side!
The NAA Mini shipped with the usual little rosewood grips.

Which were promptly replaced with the LaserLyte V-Mini Grip Laser. The small screwdriver bit on my Leatherman Juice CS4 worked fine for the installation. (I like the Juice line because they're about the size of a middlin' Swiss Army knife and can be pocket carried, rather than in some pouch on the bat belt, which I hate.)

The basic NAA Mini in .22LR is a tiny gun, shown here with a Glock 17 for scale.

I bought these targets from Law Enforcement Targets.
The shot marked #1 over the ear was me just throwing the gun up and blindly point-shooting at three yards in a two-hand grip. The next two shots, I put the un-adjusted laser dot between the eyes and the bullets barely nicked the left edge of the paper.

The shots low to the left, marked #2 and #3, were actually shots #4 and #5, and were made in careful two-handed slow-fire using the iron sights.

I then cranked on the laser adjustment screws with the supplied Allen wrenches until the red dot was right there where #2 and #3 landed while the iron sights were held right between the eyes.

The remaining 25 rounds were made in two- and three-round strings, just bringing the gun up to roughly eye-level and pulling the trigger when the laser dot was in the eye-box of the target.

Much, much more to follow in parts 2, 3, & et cetera.